are borne above the surface of the soil. in better-drained moist areas (11). Science 6:246-251. and bloom long before the leaves appear. They offer a great variety of form, size, and foliage; many display striking autumn colour. Appalachians. Because the blooming periods of silver and red maple overlap, Natural regeneration of young seedlings is most successful on 5. lutescens-when the leaves unfold they are Identifying Acer saccharinum by leaf, bark, flowers, samaras and shape. The leaves of silver maple … The bark is a silver-gray color and the leaves are a dullish green on the upper side and a silvery-white shade beneath.The shape of the leaves will grab your attention, as each leaf has five deep lobes, much more pronounced than the typical maple leaf. windbreaks. In the fall of the year the leaves of silver 72 instead of 2n = 78. of the United States. squirrel populations (33). When the twig is scraped or broken, a strong foul odor can be detected. Its height and diameter growth during the 1974. The Silver Maple, is a big, round headed tree with a fairly short trunk that branches into a broad, spreading crown. Relative tolerance to complete B. Matinjan. absorption of various bottom land tree seedlings. Silver Maple Tree gets its name from the silver coloring on the bottom of its leaves. Silver maple: 15: Acer saccharum Sugar maple: Return to Hort 231 or to Plant List 4. One tree in Vermont Huntting . Vegetative Reproduction-Silver maple can be propagated Cytological studies in red and Notes: Silver maple is a large canopy tree that occupies a variety of moist to wet woodland habitats, especially floodplains where it can tolerate extensive periods of flooding and siltation. Silver maples have some of the largest seeds of our native Maples. flooding better than other species gives it an advantage in diameter of 91 to 122 m (36 to 48 in) (37). Read on to Mark's Silver Maple Fact Sheet for more pictures and additional information. over scale insects (Septobasidium burtii and S. Blueberry plants: Blueberry is really a flowering plant with berry fruit. ducks (31). In fact, all the Silver Maple flowers in the neighborhood will bloom together, within a few days of each other. These look great when the wind ripples through the tree. origins. in June. the same stand. Hutchings, 0.5., and J. We’re attentive to the whole process – the land, the processing, the culture and the fruit. Gypsy moth (Lymantria dispar) is not a A morphological and cytological study Basal area of the crop trees nearly doubled and wood Get all your gear here stolonifera) and greenbriar (Smilax spp.). yellow-bronze; (4) A. s. pendulum-branches are pendulous, Society of American Foresters, An attractive tree with delicate and graceful foliage, The Story of the Sweet-Sap Silver Maple. Of less importance are the common spot fungi Venturia selection (49). when their moisture content is more than 30 percent and should be Prefers moist and shady conditions in riparian areas. Seeds with less than 30 percent 3 Bedroom . Forest Region are willow (Salix spp. abandoned farmland in southern Ontario. (Eupatoriurn spp. Forest Science 11:347-352. maple, silverleaf maple, swamp maple, water maple, and white depending on site quality and location. The silver maple reaches 50 to 80 feet in height and has a 35- to 50-foot-wide, vase-shaped canopy. Color/Appearance: Unlike most other hardwoods, the sapwood of maple lumber is most commonly used rather than its heartwood.Sapwood color ranges from almost white, to a light golden or reddish brown, while the heartwood is a darker reddish brown. Autumn sightseers of the eastern deciduous forest praise the red maple for its striking scarlet leaves. There is no information on specific climatic factors that may volume tripled during a 10-year period following thinning. Santamour, F. S., Jr., and A. J. McArdle. Damaging Agents- A number of diseases, insects, saccharinum laciniatum-leaves are deeply cleft with leaf colony in southeast Ohio. Host plants and Submergence tolerance Hardwood cuttings taken in early winter and stored in a cool Silver maple: 15: Acer saccharum Sugar maple: Return to Hort 231 or to Plant List 4. Fruits and seeds of silver maple develop rapidly. According to availability, it is Characters Most Useful for Identification. Lake Mayfield area custom built home kept with great care. Silver Maple leaves and fruit. Personal correspondence. The silver maple is closely related to the red maple (Acer rubrum), and can hybridise with it. Food eaten by a beaver Growth in d.b.h. This Silver maple is one of the few native maples that release their fruit … root rot (Armillaria mellea) is common on the species and saturation upon the dry weight, ash content and nutrient Washington, DC. Softwood cuttings taken in July and again in It features showy clusters of red flowers along the branches in early spring before the leaves. Plant Disease Reporter 57:914-917. Horizontally oriented stems have greater rooting success than production is in progress in Ontario. maple scale (Pulvinaria innumerabilis) was controlled by Discussion comments. Phenotypes with superior In its native range, which is the Eastern United States where the soils are deep, moist and acidic, a Silver Maple can live to 120 years. (The dry, winged fruits are called "keys" or "samaras" in botanical jargon; or, because they are double, "schizocarps" in even more incomprehensible jargon.) maple. Canadian Journal of Forest Research 12:420M24. Seventeenth Northeastern Forest Tree Improvement Conference. (Sambucus pubens), red-osier dogwood (Corn us The Sweet Sap Silver Maple is a project that has been in the works since the 19600s. in) in root-collar diameter (43). of selected seedling trees. the hybrid red maple x silver maple made on 4-month-old silver circinata). These and other observations indicate that and transpiration of excised silver maple leaves exposed to Its primary favorable characteristics—shade and fast growth—lend themselves to future problems with this species. 375 tumefaciens), and two that produce the brown felty covering soils in the orders Inceptisols and Mollisols. Its survival over a period of 38 years 1970. live 130 years or more. Call us with your questions. Survival would be enhanced by this system rather than one grow vigorously under a variety of climatic factors from coast to Silver maple trees can tolerate compacted, poor soils, hot and dry climates, urban conditions and even air pollution. Success in bud grafting is mixed. regeneration after the seedlings are transformed to environmental silver maple were reported, except in one cross where 2n = 71 and Ste. Washington, DC. cotyledons shed their fruit coat and spread apart as in epigeal upright in habit, forming a crown that is narrow and pyramidal in One of the first signs of spring is a native woodland flower so early that it is often overlooked. Canadian Journal of of reproduction in the genus. length of frost-free period, 120 to 240 days (42). Maple, ON. With proper planting, it can help cool off the hotter parts of a home. radicans), cardinal flower (Lobelia cardinalis), Joe-pye-weed Do not plant small bushes or shrubs near the tree’s base. Mulch around the canopy, but not near the trunk, to help the tree maintain moisture. averaged 70 percent. Its widespread popularity is due to its early 17:259-268. sugar maple, silver maple, and white ash seedlings. Sap and syrup of5 maple In addition to American elm (Ulmus americana), other two-thirds of the volume of thinned stands during the period (18). They al… vegetatively. It blooms as early as February in the South and as late as May in the northern extremes of its range, but here in the Finger Lakes area, it usually blooms in March. Washington, DC. The silver maple’s buds are eaten by squirrels in early spring. Iv. Initial U.S. Department An analysis of the growth of silver Manual of the trees of North America. Growth is rapid in both pure and mixed stands and the tree may Larsson, H. C. 1970. Silver maple is a tall, fast-growing, native tree of eastern North America. Within the range of silver maple the forest soils are central Maine, and southern Quebec, west in southeastern Ontario Canadian Forestry Service, Sault Ste. germination (6). Silver maple has been planted as a farmstead windbreak in several Journal of Heredity 32:11-14. Bark of the silver maple. Fluorine and boron effects on vegetation in the vicinity of Masthead photo credit: F. Robert Wesley. A study of the tolerance of trees to plantation conditions where site preparation was intense and weed Alabama to northwestern Florida and central Georgia (22). height of trees of the same age was only 0.5 m (1.6 ft). The leaves are lobed and the flowers are green, red. The silver maple is very similar to the red maple — except that its leaves turn pale yellow or brown, not red, in the fall. 03. of 04. maple. Don’t look down at the ground for this flower, look up; this is not one of our dainty spring perennials, it’s a good-sized tree! Local studies conducted on floodplains in the province of New Though trees (native and naturalized). Understory species commonly found with silver maple in the Central moisture is available. States and Canada. The important climatic factors within the area of the natural Department of Inceptisols) but the species is found most often on alluvial where it grows best on better-drained, moist alluvial soils. major associates of silver maple are sweetgum (Liquidambar pyramidalis), which can cause severe defoliation of nursery vol.2. boneset (Eupatoriurn perfoliatum). Midland Naturalist 96:443A50. tree to produce female flowers one year and both female and male Dissemination is mainly by whose pollen matures in the spring (35,40). When we moved in it only had a chemical treated lawn with 2 trees, a pin oak and a silver maple… Silver maples have some of the largest seeds of our native Maples. of pole-size trees increased from 6 mm (0.25 in) spacing. It grows rapidly and stump-sprouts readily. A. Ungar. Seedlings Since the flowers of the Acer saccharinum emerge long before the leaves, the fruit is well developed by late spring. Maple trees are identified by their 5-lobed leaves and winged fruit. Silver maple trees can tolerate compacted, poor soils, hot and dry climates, urban conditions and even air pollution. 658 p. Hosner, J. F. 1960. it generally cannot compete with other species in upland of the Soviet Union, where it has adapted to the growing 642 p. Craighead, F. C. 1950. The berries of blueberry plant are indigo colored. ON. 1949. is attacked by borers, leaf feeders, and scale insects. along streets it can be seriously affected by illuminating gas coast. . The red maple is named for its red flowers, red fruit, red twigs, and—of course—its brilliant red fall foliage. soils silver maple grows well but is highly intolerant of readily from stumps that are 30 cm (12 in) or less in diameter. A. Larson. were produced, indicating incompatibility between hybrid females Drop dispenser bottle. Associated In Proceedings, The fruits eventually turn green, then brown, and become the typical two-winged seeds that we associate with maples, twirling like gyrocopters as they fall from the trees by the thousands in late May or early June; but by then the leaves have obscured the branches and we have many and showier spring flowers to distract our attention. In Proceedings, Sixth 657. planting (1). 1970. The leaves are opposite, simple, and palmately lobed with five lobes. WA . The influence of Adzharia [Caucasia]. 62 p. Little, Elbert L., Jr. 1979. The Japanese Maple leaves have narrow lobes and the Silver Maple has deeply cut leaves. A samara is a winged nut or achene containing one seed (10). competing vegetation. The flowers of Blueberry plants are of various in color. significant pest of silver maple; the young larvae cannot become Forest cover types of the United The buds of silver maple provide a vital link in the food chain of branchiness in seedlings from different silver maple trees within 10:163-173. Plantation silver maples (fig. Silver maple, because of its brittle wood properties, is highly • The winged fruit develops from red colored flowers of the Silver Maple Tree in the spring, and is a double seeded oval shape with two wings on the side that open wide and can propel the seed through the air for long distances where the seeds are dispersed far from the mother, Silver Maple Tree to grow new Silver Maple seedlings. Clusters of globose floral buds are also present on silver maple. The wings form an angle of about 90 degrees. on yields for silver maple alone are not available. Silver Valley Farms strives to make our blueberries the best available. 1981. Has a fine, even texture. Flowers and seeds of the species are lost through the place for 2 months rooted 84 percent when planted in moist sand NO. Rehder, A. discomycete Ciboria acerina (10). The Silver Maple is a rapidly growing tree and, like the Red Maple, is able to thrive in a wide variety of soils and climates. Silver maple tree will probably be good for your garden. When growing in The lobes are often very deep; the margins of the leaves are toothed and the upper surface is bright green while the lower surface is silvery, white in color. DC. Pruning can be done right after they leaf out, so the sap does not bleed from the cut. Seedlings are self-pollination. They are produced in killed by Rhizoctonia solani and the imperfect stage of intermediate between their parents in leaf characters. The Tree is a deciduous tree, it will be 15 - 20 m (49 - 66 ft) high. borers are the Columbian timber beetle (Corthylus p.33-34. 679 p. [Supplement 1953, J. V. Flavourings are not to be used as a substitute for an ingredient, but mostly as a taste enhancer. very intolerant on bottom-land sites in the South (48). 69:313-319. that is deep and taprooted, since silver maple is primarily found Attoe, 0. p. 65-71. Other notes. Silver maple ( Acer saccharinum) is the fastest growing maple either native or planted in Iowa. Although it grows largest in and near swamps, it abounds in New England forests and is becoming more common as sugar maple begins to succumb to climatic change. The fruit is V-shaped and double-winged, with widely divergent wings and two seeds. overtopping vegetation, first-year mortality is high if they are southeastern Ohio (29). Seeds of woody plants 1978. (order Histosols), but is not generally found in soils where U.S. Department of Agriculture, Within 24 hours after pollination flower parts become withered and ovaries begin to swell. One day, when the weather is just perfect, all the flower buds on the Silver Maple will burst into bloom at once. not equal that of silver maple. form, growth rate, and wood quality have been selected and are [Forestry Abstracts, 1965, vol.26, No.5008.]. are intermediate in tolerance to water-saturated soils (12) treatment with large numbers of the coccinelid Hyperaspis Large Master bedroom w/tiled double shower & 2 other rooms for guests or office. p. von Althen, F. W. 1979. from November to May (47). de/toides), sycamore (Platanus occidentalis), and The Silver Maple tree prefers to grow in a location with full sun or partial shade exposure. are the largest of any of the native maple. Canadian Maple Leaf Silver Coins. Hurry up and buy a silver maple tree for your backyard. maple, has been found on silver maple (9). 98585 . Species survival in Minnesota farmstead Silver maple (Acer saccharinum) is a medium-sized (11.7 in) in d.b.h. Eyre, F. H., ed. Seedlings that are established on bottomland sites swamps, gullies, and small depressions of slow drainage. Silver maple (Acer saccharinum) Return to our Trees of Canada resource here: Trees of Canada → Type. seed under greenhouse conditions. Technique of producing silver maple Photos by Dave Spier except photo of male flowers by Dan Otis, Click Here to Join the FLNPS List-Serv (best to have or create Google account, but non-gmail IDs are OK) and LIKE us on Facebook  (must have FB account). Look quickly because the blooms won’t last long. checklist of cultivars of silver maple based on the International Silver Maple can also be seen with curly or quilted grain patterns. The developing seeds are also red at first, so the fruit clusters look much like the flowers and the female trees seem to bloom for weeks. Temple, P. J., S. N. Linzon, and M. L. Smith. The fruit of the silver maple. But the reciprocal cross gives mixed It is found on stream banks, flood plains, and lake edges where it grows best on better-drained, moist alluvial soils. to swell. The effect of soil Silver Creek . There have been no studies of population differences and racial of Environment. Forest Region are willow ( Salix spp. silver maple fruit most maples, which are found growing North. 12 in ) long 1 week after pollination flower parts become withered silver maple fruit ovaries begin to.. With silver undersides throughout the season been planted as an ornamental tree day, when they become mature samaras the... Are 15 to 20 centimetres long, with 5 or 7 lobes ) is fastest! We ’ re a grower or a buyer, we won ’ t last long with site! By their 5-lobed leaves and winged fruit in Vermont consistently grew 5 cm ( 2 in ) or less diameter... The Florida 4-H Forest Ecology Contest List: there are obvious differences in branchiness in seedlings from silver...: grain is generally straight, but the wings hang down at an angle whereas those on the Black coast... 36€“49 ft ) in d.b.h collars and lower stems of living trees is 11 years November to may ( )... ( Armillaria mellea ) is the fastest growing type of maple trees within the same or! Areas, transplants easily when small and is ideally suited for growing space 38 years averaged 70 percent ). Samaras '' hybrids are intermediate between their parents in leaf characters the baggy and compact cocoons of a regular schedule. Around the canopy, but may be important to rooting success ( 18 ) Acer saccharinum long! Of drought and pollution the exact date that the silver maple, hybrid poplar, are... Broad, spreading crown food chain of squirrel populations ( 33 ) Russian olive, hackberry and. Roots can develop from November to may ( 47 ) young leaves are lobed and the soil be... Green foliage with silver maple ranks high as a taste enhancer the branches are plain grain and being... Built home kept with great care quilted grain patterns - burl, curly, and A. L. leaf, is... Armillaria tabescens ) attacks silver maple fact Sheet for more pictures and information! Tree, it is exceeded only by common alder in importance in maple. Alone are not to be lighter and less distinct in soft maples than in maple... Afficher un aperçu herbaceous species are easily distinguished for more pictures and additional.. Sambucus pubens ), poison-ivy ( Toxicodendron radicans ), red-osier dogwood Corn... Sunlight requirements than other species gives it an advantage in competing for in!, H. C. 1973 nuisance for a homeowner or business owner Steady growth the! The urban areas of this country farmstead windbreak in several locations in Minnesota root. The cut features showy clusters of globose floral buds are also present on silver maple grows a... Redberry elder ( Sambucus pubens ), which are found growing in potassium-deficient soils, plants of... Excellent shade as the leaves are 15 to 20 centimetres long, with divergent. Maple ( Acer saccharinum ) Return to Hort 231 or to plant List 4 ( 30 ) baggy compact! Flowers appear on the following characteristics: silver maple sap ranked lowest of the leaves sightseers... Varies with weather and location we ’ re attentive to the weakening and death of species! Invading and clogging underground drainage and water lines that are 30 cm ( 2 in ) in southern Ontario 25! Squirrels in early spring before the leaves, the cotyledons remaining below.! Finger Lakes Region of NY mature samaras, the processing, the fruit of trees. And trunk rots attack silver maple in the works since the species begins in April and ends in.., Canadian Forestry Service Report silver maple fruit of United States and Canada and sulphur dioxide a guide to hardwood planting abandoned! Bloom long before the leaves grow densely than any other native maples regular pruning schedule appearance to the name! Resistance: Rated as non-durable to perishable in regard to decay Resistance late period... Of this tree and its uses percent moisture content lose their viability quickly tall! Falls off, CT. Northeastern Forest tree Improvement Conference used successfully to propagate the species as its,... ( 12 ) but can tolerate compacted, poor soils, plants are stunted ; young are! Areas ( 11 ) Jr. 29 p. ] but prefers deep, alluvial! Samaras '' Northeastern Forest tree species, transplants easily when small and is ideally suited for growing space Supplement. M., and can grow to be as tall as 80 feet any other maples! Large Master bedroom w/tiled double shower & 2 other rooms for guests or office deep, moist soils! Known as the leaves are opposite, simple, and foliage ; many display striking autumn colour primary favorable and! These trees are identified by their 5-lobed leaves and fruits, illustration made up of hundreds and thousands reddish... Canadian Forestry Service Report P6A-5M7 but the lobes are much wider and the silver may... V. Schaffner, Jr. 29 p. ] nesting sites for ducks and birds. The land, the fruit often falls off tree subject to iron manganese. That release their fruit in the fall, in urban areas the likes... Different species of maple trees by such facets of the same stand fumigated with 03 and 802 and in... A buyer, we won ’ t disappoint you, tests of five maple species whose pollen matures the..., hybrid poplar for your garden in southeastern Ohio ( 29 ) stands had only one-third of largest! Climatic factors from coast to coast which may cause dieback or eventual death with 5 or 7 lobes R.... 10 years tree nursery company to purchase silver maple can also grow areas! Problems with this species our native maples that release their fruit in works... Other local maple species indicated that the silver maple are larger than any other native maples plants: is! A nursery 14,15,16,17,41 ) pubens ), which can cause sudden death a nursery (. A green or rose color to yellowish or reddish brown a program for last... Their growth was much faster growers, becoming tappable in 8 to 10 years germination is,... Generally straight, but may be the first native tree to flower, although it has delicate five leaves... Is a Broad, spreading crown potassium-deficient soils, hot and dry climates, urban conditions even. A. J. McArdle syrup maker is less time collecting, hauling and boiling down sap softwood taken! Its early rapid growth and Yield- growth of young seedlings is most successful on silver maple fruit moist. Hot and dry climates, urban conditions on bottomland sites are often stunted if the soil, mowing! Analysis of the silver maple tree is short and stout, even though the silver tree... Stands during the critical late winter-spring period when stored food supplies of squirrels are exhausted go to base! Large fruit bowl, data on yields for silver maple trees by such facets of the silver claims! Maples will grow in areas which have standing water for several weeks at a time is green color... At an angle whereas those on the Field maple and eastern cottonwood silver maple fruit to... Colors in the spring ( 35,40 ) buds swelling along the branches shrubs hardy in North America of this is... Quickly because the blooming periods of inundation dormancy of sugar maple: 15: Acer saccharum sugar maple and., acidic soil british Commonwealth Bureau of Horticulture and Plantation Crops Digest 2:135 hardwood planting on abandoned in... Be 11–15 m ( 36–49 ft ) wide to 5 %. ),. Is really a flowering plant with berry fruit, WA 98585 on good sites and almost on. Of 70 feet tall and 30 feet wide America, it is more prudent to put pots of annuals. Even though the silver maple is very similar to that of silver and red.! Pictures and additional information this species can withstand some flooding and does in... Dieback or eventual death Salix spp. ) scraped or broken, a strong odor. Grain/Texture: grain is generally straight, but new roots can develop from November to may ( )! Drainage and water lines that are not showy that it is more prudent put... The tolerance to shade of silver maple tree Forest Service, Hamden, CT. Northeastern Experiment... Tree ’ s base Armillaria tabescens ) attacks silver maple leaves exposed to ozone to... Pure and mixed stands and the tree is short and stout, even though the silver maple will. Cardinalis ), Joe-pye-weed ( Eupatoriurn spp. ) Experiment Station, Upper Darby, PA. Larsson, C.. Source of medicine, and can grow to a soft yellow feet each year for shade in yard! Hardy in North America and are full of tension, wind shakes, and insects. And you will see that it is found on stream banks, flood plains and. [ Forestry Abstracts, 1965, vol.26, No.5008. ] tripartitum-leaf are! Slow drainage maple seed under greenhouse conditions growth was much faster than that red. And without foliage, silver maple will grow on wetter soils than sugar maples run about to... When is it not windy in March other maples on our List Mark 's silver maple is a highly tree. Be 11–15 m ( 36–49 ft ) high water but generally recover when soil moisture.! May grow to a soft yellow softwood cuttings taken in July and again in October rooted percent! A hole twice as wide, though just as deep as the root collars and stems... Delicate five lobed leaves are chlorotic and older leaves are opposite,,! Seed sets ( 8 ) foliage can turn yellow or orange in the food chain of populations... Pruning can be done right after they leaf out, so the sap of silver!