Sockeye are world-renowned as the best eating of the 5 locally available Pacific salmon and they can provide some top flight entertainment. Boat restrictions in effect. is lucky to have salmon fishing all year round. Squamish Nation members explain the traditional rock weir method to catch Coho and Northern Coho salmon on the Capilano River in North Vancouver. If you are a pro and you want to try fishing for salmon in our local rivers or lakes, just bring your gear and head to the Capilano River for some of the best salmon fishing opportunities in the Lower Mainland.. Sturgeon Fishing Report – Summer 2020. Special Notes: Closed all year above 208 St. Below 208 St no fishing April 1-June 30. A short 10 minute car ride from Downtown Vancouver to West Vancouver will put you on the doorstep of the Capilano River estuary and Ambleside Beach up to Cypress Creek Mouth. These salmon species tend to school up while feeding so there are often multi-line hook ups! We have 5 species of salmon we fish for at different times of year - this is great for keeping my clients excited and happy every time they come out for sports fishing. Summer months are also a fantastic time to plan a Vancouver sturgeon fishing trip on the Fraser River. This publicly accessible beach offers some of the best local shore fishing for Coho salmon from July to September. * Home * * Reports * * Forums * BC fishing links: Albion Test Fisheries: BC Freshwater Fishing Regulations Synopsis Richmond BC also has great fishing opportunities being bound by the Fraser River both on the North and the South. The mighty Fraser River provides the Vancouver saltwater fishing scene with some healthy runs of Sockeye salmon. As we get into late September the Vancouver salmon fishing season will be winding down, as fish move into local rivers including the Capilano and Fraser systems. Fresh Water. CAPILANO RIVER∑ 2-8 No Fishing upstream of fishing boundary signs at footbridge situated approximately 100 m downstream of the fish fence Bait ban, Aug 1-Oct 31; release all steelhead CEDAR LAKE 2-2 See Sumallo River All of this portion of the Fraser River is considered tidal water being in area 29 (29-10,29-11,29-12,29-13) for the purposes of fishing regulations. You can also spend a perfect day at the waterfront of Victoria , where you can have an amazing winter fishing for Chinook salmon; during summer these waters are full of large halibut, steelhead, and rainbow and cutthroat trout. No fishing between 21:00-0500 Aug 1-Dec 31. Capilano River Regional Park Feature Map. Vancouver Salmon Fishing Season & Salmon Types Vancouver, B.C. These unique BC fishing adventures are in their prime season in July & August, with super consistent fishing to be had during those months. Metro Vancouver released preliminary findings into an unexpected release of water from the Cleveland Dam into the Capilano River in North Vancouver on October 1. SAL The Fraser River is home to a large population of white sturgeon. The early Coho salmon run typically peaks in June and July. Campbell River is also known as the salmon capital of the world, where in summer season you can find all types of salmon.