To open an International Bank Account you need to be 18 years old or over and have a minimum balance of £25,000 (or currency equivalent) to deposit and maintain across your Barclays International Banking Accounts (threshold may be increased dependent on jurisdiction or other factors). Updated cookies policy - you'll see this message only once. You’ll also receive a debit card, and access to our award-winning app and online banking. Lv 7. Notice Deposit Account - 35 Day [PDF, 188KB] Notice Deposit Account - 100 Day [PDF, 188KB] International Reserve Account [PDF, 154KB] Treasury Deposit [PDF, 174KB] Children’s Savings Account [PDF, 150KB] Liquidity Fee Terms and Conditions [PDF, 506KB]. Barclays bank account reviews come from people like you! You’ll need the 16 digit number off your card, then follow the onscreen instructions. I have a Barclays Current Account. A current account is the basic kind of bank account that most of us have. How to open a student account with Barclays. Fee Information Document for the Barclays Current Account [PDF, 269KB] Fee Information Document for the Premier Global Current Account [PDF, 274KB] Fee Information Document for the Overseas Currency Account [PDF, 266KB] Liqudity fee explained [PDF, 565KB] Overseas Delivery Charges. 1 decade ago. There aren’t huge differences between the two and both come for no monthly fee. International Bank Account [PDF, 149KB]. For just £3 per month, you can join Barclays Blue Rewards and if you set up two Direct Debits from the account, and pay in at least £800 per month then you get a monthly return of £7. Answer Save. Hi guys – I have a limited company been trading for over 2 years now unfortunately my business account is with Cash Plus & my personal account is with Barclays. Talk to us about Premier Banking. Not used it for quite a while, there was £5 in so i added a couple of thousand to it. Thousands of Britons living in the EU will have their UK bank accounts closed by the end of the year because of the UK’s failure to agree a post-Brexit trade deal. Yes, you can keep the account in the UK with Barclays, but they will probably not allow you and overdraft, just a Current (cheque book) Account. Things to consider. Should I switch current accounts? Product terms. Some customers may be required to verify their identity with PINsentry or at a Barclays cash machine. It offers several current accounts, ranging from straightforward accounts with no monthly fee, to packaged accounts which come with added extras in return for a monthly charge, and premier banking services for high earners. The following current accounts aren't eligible for Barclays Blue Rewards: Barclays Basic Current Account, Young Person’s, BarclayPlus, Foreign Currency or Barclays Wealth or Business Accounts. Barclays will always attempt to return any transaction that could take your account into an unarranged overdraft position. Our Barclays Current Account offers you the ability to set up standing orders, direct debits, make and receive payments in and out of your account. So we gathered all the paperwork required and headed for the Barclays branch…. Our comparison table includes up-to-date information on interest rates, account fees and other important features. Barclays uses cookies on this website. Current accounts, Barclays PLC More from Money. You’ll need the 16 digit number off your card, then follow the onscreen instructions. If you are a Barclays Premier Account customer, you may be considering switching to an alternative premier current account when the Premier Rewards scheme ends. Learn how to make money work for you with our range of knowledge-sharing events hosted virtually or locally in person. It breaks down to whether you want to pay a monthly fee for your current account … Initially, it has been rolled out to customers who have a linked current account with NatWest, Nationwide or Bank of Scotland. If I went into a Barclays branch to set up a current account, how long would it take to for it to be active? Additions Student Account eligibility. Learn more. Current accounts; How to apply for an account. There's a few more on offer if you're a student or under 18. Barclaycard online account features lots of handy tools so you can manage your account your way. Paying euro notes into a Barclays euro account, in a Barclays branch in the UK: Free: Paying notes of any other currency into a Barclays euro account, in a Barclays branch in the UK: 2% of the total paid in, minimum £10 (no maximum) Electronic transfer from a sterling account to a Barclays euro account held in the same name - or vice versa Return to reference Pay in a cheque before 15:59 on a working day (Monday to Friday, except bank holidays) and it’ll clear by 23:59 the next weekday. Relevance. Having enough money in your current account or having an arranged overdraft limit could help prevent payments such as priority bills from being returned unpaid. You must have a current account with us, be aged 16 or over and have a mobile number to use the Barclays app.